From Mme Guérin to sr Geneviève - February 15, 1896.


From Mme Guérin to sr Geneviève - February 15, 1896.

Dearest little Céline,

I don’t know whether my letter will reach you, because you have begun your great retreat. Despite this, I couldn’t resist the desire to send you a few words of sincere affection.

Your letter, my darling, touched us to the core of our souls. You made me understand religious Profession better than I had hitherto been able to. How wonderful it is to be called to such a state!

Dear little Céline, I can’t tell you how many reflections your letter prompted. It inspired me to give thanks to God for deigning to call you and my dear little Marie to such a sublime state. How hard we must struggle against our weak natures to get there! It’s a daily battle! But God counts them and it’s in the next world that you will be rewarded.

Poor little Céline, you have asked for our forgiveness and you have even asked that we forget the few causes for trouble you may have given us. I assure you, my darling, that it is very easy. I myself always want to remember your affection, which was that of a daughter and always did me good. I want to remember your kisses when you saw my brow furrow or my eyes moisten.

You can therefore climb the holy mountain, my darling, and for my part, nothing will stop you from hearing the Lord’s voice. – And your dear Father; don’t you think he, too, will accompany you? You have been so faithful and from Up-above he blesses you. And now he must be smiling down on all his children. He is enjoying sublime happiness! What a lot of suffering he endured to acquire it! But today, he is the one helping all of us, I am sure of it!

I will pass on your messages, my darling, to Léonie and Jeanne and Francis. I will announce your Profession to your friends and ask them and the family to pray for you, as you wished.

As for you, think of us when you pray to God, my darling, I don’t need to ask this of you, I know; your heart will preempt all our desires even. Above all, speak to God about our treasures who are our children, all of whom your dear Mother entrusted to me. May she grant that I always be, insofar as I am able, a guide and support for her Léonie.

See you tomorrow, my darling, since it is the last time we shall be allowed to kiss you (Sister Geneviève would leave the enclosure for her canonical examination, which would take place in the shrine of the chapel according to a custom of the time. The examination would be led by the new Superior, Fr. Maupas on Sunday February 16th 1896. It would be the last time the novice embraced her family). In the meantime, accept the tenderest affection of those that have always endeavoured to replace your dear parents’ affection.

Your godmother who cherishes you

C. Guérin

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