From Marie Guérin to sr Geneviève - July 28, 1895.



From Marie Guérin to sr Geneviève - July 28, 1895.

28th July 1895

Dear little Céline,

       I want you to receive a note from your little darling today, proving she has been thinking of you a great deal over the last few days. I assure you I haven’t forgotten everything that happened a year ago and my pilgrimages to my uncle’s bedroom are going to be more frequent than ever. As I said [lv°] in May, I can’t walk past his apartment without being gripped by a serious, calm feeling that speaks of the other world and with one word floods my soul. It happens to me very often and without me preparing for it. It grips me… that is the right word…

           I don’t know why but this anniversary, which in itself is sad, does not have this effect on me at all. It is like that of Mother Geneviève… [2r°] It is so certain that my uncle went to heaven on that day that it is more a sensation of happiness that I feel when thinking about his deliverance. How happy he is now!... but he highly deserved it… Oh! Tomorrow I promise to ask him for many graces and I have been certain for a long time that I will receive them on this day. When we recall and engrave in our memory his calm and handsome face, which expressed such peaceful happiness, it is impossible for [2v°] our souls not to be filled and brought to love God.

       Tomorrow an anniversary Mass will be held at St. Sébastien church; it was announced today at High Mass.

         We cannot come back on Wednesday; our departure has been postponed for a week, as Mama is poorly and can’t travel for a while. I won’t have much time in Lisieux before my entry.

             Tell Pauline that Papa sought every possible means to give her the money she asked for, but it’s impossible. Even if all the money there is in the house was assembled, it [2r°tv] wouldn’t come to the total. He hasn’t the money anymore and regrets not being able to give it to Pauline. He will in a fortnight. I have just this moment found out, otherwise I would have written to her sooner. I’m very sorry, as is Papa…

           [2v°tv] I love you and send you lots of kisses.

Your little Marie

I haven’t time to write to my dear mother today, I will do so soon. If I have written to you it is because of the 29th, which I didn’t want to let go by without sending you a little note. Give my love to my dear mother for me. Lightening struck La Vieille Musse, I will tell you about that another time, everyone here felt the shock (Mrs. Guérin would on the same day render Thérèse a colourful account of the “storm scene at La Musse”).

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