From Father Lemonnier to sr Geneviève - February 24, 1895.



From Father Lemonnier to sr Geneviève - February 24, 1895.

La Délivrande, 24th February 1895

My Child,

   You were not mistaken in thinking that your letter would bring me great pleasure. You fully understood the interest that I took in the soul of my little postulant, whom I was very pleased to receive at her entry into the house of God (we can assume that Fr. Lemonnier replaced Canon Delatroëtte, who was prevented from coming, in blessing Céline on 14th September 1894 when she joined the Carmel. The priest also preached the October 1894 retreat) and whom I shall be happy to accompany to the very door of heaven with my wishes and prayers.

I am not surprised that Jesus [1 v°] has kept you the same promise that he made to the faithful soul: “I will lead her into the wilderness and will speak to her heart.” Poor Child, you have left everything wholly, generously; how could Jesus not give himself to you entirely? I will say only one thing to you. My Child, you have left everything and done so wholeheartedly, now leave yourself in order to live only the life of Jesus, and live only for Jesus. You understand well that this is the only way to be happy here below, for if the heart is divided, there is no happiness. But above all, poor Child, savour [2 r°] Jesus. How can one offer him a heart that is not completely His and which would continue to seek its own satisfaction?

     Take heart, My Child, you have planted your banner very high: “I want to be a saint”. Stay in these heights; the air is purer there, and the fog less thick, allowing us to look at Jesus, and love him with all our hearts by immolating ourselves with Him and for Him.

       Please pay my very deep and religious respects to your dear and Revered Novice Mistress (Mother Marie de Gonzague) who kindly allowed you to write to me.

Be assured, My Child, of my very respectful and devoted sentiments in Our Lord.

A. Lemonnier

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