From Marie Guérin to Céline - October 11, 1894.


From Marie Guérin to Céline - October 11, 1894.

     Two quick lines to tell you that you prophesied. Papa found my aunt’s body whole (Mr. Guérin had transferred the remains of the family members from the cemetery of Alençon to the cemetery of Lisieux) and placed her in a separate coffin. I will give you more information this afternoon. Papa is so shaken that I couldn’t ask him for more information. We will go to the cemetery at ten o’clock as arranged. The two very emotional days poor Father has just spent have made him positively sick. Pray for him and for me, who will represent the virgins of the family as best I can.

Your little sister Marie

It is a sweet consolation for me to represent my big sisters in the Carmel, and I will make an immense effort to represent them as worthily as possible.

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