From Canon Delatroëtte to Céline - August 8, 1894.


From Canon Delatroëtte to Céline - August 8, 1894.

Miss Martin, care of Mr. Guérin, Rue Paul-Banaston, Lisieux

Lisieux 8th August 1894

       Dear Miss Céline,

         I understand your sorrow, I deeply sympathize with it, and if I am able to ease it in any way, I will make it my duty and my pleasure to do so. If you think my advice can be of some good to you, do not be afraid to come and ask me for it, you will always find me willing to give it to you. The most powerful and most efficient instrument for easing your sorrow is found in the strong and courageous faith that God granted your religious family, and which your pious parents passed on to you. The certitude that your beloved Father [lv°] is sharing in the Saints’ joy is enough to dry your tears and make you happy. God did not want him to wait for the reward of his virtues and sacrifices any longer. He loved you and your sisters so much on earth and will not fail to shower all his abundant blessings upon you. Trust God, he will grant you the graces you need to overcome the obstacles that might hinder the accomplishment of the divine Master’s designs for you.

As for myself, I would say to you: the doors to the Carmel shall be opened to you as soon as you ask to join, if your three sisters have not already preempted your request. But I fear that the entry of a 4th sister might oppose the spirit and even the very rule of Carmel. In any case we shall examine this grave and ever so important question18 with the person concerned (Mgr. Hugonin). In the meantime surrender yourself to Divine Providence. Although he has left you an orphan, God has entrusted you to an uncle and aunt who, for you, have the devotion and all the affection of the very best of parents. That is a kindness [2r°] for which you can never be too grateful.

Pray for me, I in turn shall not forget you. Accept my most devoted sentiments in Our Lord Jesus Christ.


Parish Priest of the Church of Saint Jacques

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