From Mother Agnès to Céline – July 31, 1894


From Mother Agnès to Céline – July 31, 1894


31st July 94

Sursum Corda!

Darling Céline,

                For fear you can’t come and see us, I’m sending you this little note. But how, my darling, can I do otherwise than press you against my heart and weep with you? But what tears they are, do you not think? They are mixed with sweetness! “Papa is in Heaven”, that was your first cry after the heartbreak of his leaving! Poor little one, if only you knew how much your [lv°] lovely little letter made me weep! Yes, Papa is in heaven, he is there! What extraordinary words these are! What an awakening this is for our poor Father! And what consolation for us! Yes, we are like him, we are blessed, and these beautiful words from Holy Scripture have come to pass: “The righteous who walk with integrity will leave blessed children after them.” (Prov. 20:7. Text figuring in 7th position on the back of Mr. Martin’s funeral picture; cf. BT, p. 291 s.)

At present we weep because we have nothing but tears to express grief and joy, but [2r°] God can tell that our hearts’ feelings convey more of a joyful song than a cry of mourning. And this song pleases him, this song glorifies him. This melody increases our dear Father’s celestial joys. He is looking down upon us and the Lord is no doubt saying to him the same words that the Angel Raphael said to old Tobit: “As for you, you shall rejoice in your children, for they shall all be blessed, and gathered together unto the Lord! (Tobit 13:17. Sixth text from the same picture; cf. LT 172)

[2v°] Céline! Let us thank God for the gift of faith, which he has imparted to us in such large measure! We look at a coffin and we see a glorious throne. We are in the presence of death and yet it is eternal life that surrounds us everywhere.

Farewell, my darling! I am alone in writing to you but you understand our hearts, which are so united to yours at this sorrowful time. Sister Thérèse of the Child Jesus said to me this morning: “No, I couldn’t write to Céline” And her deep, heavenly gaze revealed quite clearly that the feelings in her ever so elevated soul could indeed not be put into words!... Céline! Ah! Understand us!

Your poor little sister

Sister Agnès of Jesus

Mother Marie de Gonzague is with us! You know that!

I would like at least a 100 death announcements to send to all the Carmels in France. All the Carmelite Sisters send them to us at the death of their parents. I haven’t written to Fr. Lepelletier. Fr. Ducellier has been informed.

Do give our love to our dear relatives who continue to be so faithful and so devoted to us on earth. Also give our love to little Marie, Jeanne, Francis, and all those we love!

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