From Mme Guérin to Céline - April 2, 1889. Fragments.

From Mrs. Guérin to Céline. 2nd April 1889. Fragments.

(... ) doesn’t need to do any (…) for the lady to come back (Mrs. Benoît).

As for Maria (Maria Cosseron, a servant of the Martins), I saw her this morning before I received your letter. She even lunched at the house. I told her to begin by washing the laundry. She must have put it in to soak when she went home. Only I didn’t explain to her about the curtains, as I didn’t know her. The poor girl is very sad too, that’s why I kept her for lunch to cheer her up a little.

If one of us goes to Caen we will think of your errand, but it would be much better if you came yourself (...)

Farewell, my dear little Céline, try to come, I send my love with all my heart. Uncle, Jeanne and Marie do likewise.

Your wholly devoted aunt


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