From Mme Guérin to Céline - March 5, 1889. Fragment.

From Mrs. Guérin to Céline, 5th March 1889. Fragment.

Lisieux, 5th March 1889.

Dear little Céline,

Your letter upset your Uncle and I. Our hearts bled as we read your lines. I went to the Carmel immediately to take your little letter and inform your Sisters of what you had written to us. Your uncle needed to know what your Sisters thought, for your letter touched him deeply.

If we listened to nothing but our hearts in moments such as these we would quickly fly to the aid of those whom we love and whose pain we can feel so keenly.

Your Sisters are also upset, in fact nothing is more heartbreaking and I understand how much you both must be suffering. Your sisters and I spent a long time talking and, like you, we have only found remedy in prayer.

It is impossible that God is abandoning you, and like we said earlier at the Carmel, it is often just as he seems to be abandoning us that he is nearest to us. The cross he is making us carry is very heavy, and it seems we are going to succumb, but he will come to our aid, let us entrust ourselves to Him. He didn’t spare his own Son when he was on earth and yet he loved him infinitely. It’s therefore because he loves you that he is sending you such a great trial.

My poor little Céline, I would like to say something to comfort you and do you good, but I feel I’m completely powerless. I have only my deep affection, it’s all I possess, but it belongs to you. God will take it upon himself to rub ointment on your poor wounded heart.

I am ardently praying for him to do so.

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