From Mme Guérin to Céline - March 2, 1889. Fragment.

From Mme Guérin to Céline - March 2, 1889. Fragment

Dear little Céline.

(....) tomorrow Monday morning you will see Mr. Maudelonde who will go to your house when the train arrives at a quarter past 9 o’clock. He will go directly to Saint Vincent de Paul to bring you news. I preferred writing to you so that you would be home, for he won’t be able to (...) perhaps we will all meet up together. Let us thank God for this hope He is giving us and let’s wait patiently. (...)

So farewell, my good, little and dear daughters, I send you my love and kisses; as well as all my family’s best wishes.

Your wholly devoted aunt

C. Guérin



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