From Mme Guérin to Céline - October 21, 1883.

From Mrs. Guérin to Céline. 21st October 1883.

21st October 1883

Darling little Célinette,

Today is your feast day and your poor little godmother hasn’t forgotten it. Only she’s a bit late. Tomorrow evening, Monday, she’s expecting her dear little goddaughter so that she can tell her in person that she loves her very much, that she’s very happy to see her nominated counselor of the Children of Mary on her feast [1 v°] day, and that she wishes her all sorts of pleasures.

Continue making progress, little Célinette, and imitating the virtues of your dear Pauline and your beloved Marie.

See you tomorrow evening, dear little goddaughter. I send you my love with all my heart and look forward to seeing you.

Your wholly devoted godmother,

C. Guérin

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