LT 207 - To sister Geneviève - December (?), 1896

LT 207                From Thérèse to Sister Geneviève.

December (?), 1896


Poor thing, poor thing, you must not have a heavy heart because M. T. has been caught in a trap! ... When he will have wings, you will set up traps in vain, he will not fall into them, neither will you, poor D. He will stretch out his hand to you to attach two pretty little white wings, and both of us will fly very high, very far; we shall even go flapping our little silvery wings right to Saigon. . .. This is the best we shall be able to do for Him since it is Jesus who wills us to be two cherubs and not two foundresses. At the moment, this is certain. If He changes His mind, we shall change ours also, that is all! .. .


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