LT 134 - To Céline - April 26, 1892

LT 134               From Thérèse to Céline.

April 26, 1892


Jesus                                                                 April 26, 1892

Dear Céline,

The meadow of Carmel supplies me this year with a symbolic gift at I am happy to offer you for your twenty-three years... One day in the grass all-whitened by simple daisies, I seemed to see one of them with a long stem, and it surpassed them in beauty; coming close, I saw with surprise that instead of one daisy there were two very distinct ones. Two stems so tightly joined together put me in mind immediately of the mysteries of our souls.... I understood that, if in the order of nature Jesus is pleased to sow beneath our feet marvels so delighful, it is only to aid us in reading into more hidden mysteries of a superior order that He is working at times in souls         Celine, I feel that you have already understood your Thérèse, already your heart has guessed at what is taking place in this other heart to which yours is so tightly united that the sap nourishing them is the same!. .. However, I want to speak to you about some of the hidden mysteries in my little flower. Jesus has created a multitude of little daisies to give joy to our eyes and to instruct our souls. I see with surprise that, in the morning, their pink corollas are turned in the direction of the dawn, they are awaiting the rising of the sun; as soon as this radiant star has sent toward them its warm rays, the timid little flowers open up their calyxes, and their dainty leaves form a sort of crown which, uncovering their little yellow hearts, give immediately to these flowers a great resemblance to what has struck them with its light. Throughout the whole day, the daisies do not cease gazing on the sun, and they turn like it until the evening; then when it has disappeared, they quickly close again their corollas, and from white they become pink.... Jesus is the divine Sun, and the daisies are His spouses, the virgins. When Jesus has looked upon a soul, He immediately gives it His divine resemblance, but it is necessary that this soul not cease to fix its eyes upon Him alone. To develop the mysteries of the daisies, I would have to write a volume; however, my Céline understands all, so now I want to speak to her about the whims of Jesus.... In His meadow, Jesus has many daisies, but they are separated, and they receive the rays of the Sun each one separately. One day, the Spouse of virgins bent down to earth; He united tightly two little buds scarcely open, their stems were merged into a single one, and one look made them grow up. Together these little flowers, now only one flower, blos­somed, and now the double daisy, fixing its eyes on the divine Sun, accomplishes its mission which is one…Céline, you alone can understand my language; in the eyes of creatures, our life seems very different, very much separated, but I myself know that Jesus has joined our hearts in so marvelous a way that what makes one heart beat also makes the other heart throb.... "Where your treasure is there is your heart also." Our treasure is Jesus, and our hearts make only one in Him. The same look has ravished our souls, a look veiled in tears, which the double daisy has resolved to dry; its humble and white corolla will be the calyx in which precious diamonds will be collected to be poured out on other flowers that, less privileged, will not have fixed upon Jesus the first glances of their hearts.... Perhaps, in the evening of its life, the daisy will offer the divine Spouse its corolla, become pink.

Adieu, dear Céline, the little flower I am sending you is a relic, for it has rested in the hands of our saintly Mother Geneviève, and she has blessed Céline and Thérèse…..    

Thérèse of the Child Jesus of the Holy Face rel. carm. ind.

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