LT 122 - To Céline - October 14, 1890

LT 122                From Thérèse to Céline.

October 14, 1890


Jesus                                                                October 14, '90

Dear Céline,

I do not want to allow Marie's letter to leave without adding to it a note for you. Our dear Mother is allowing me to come make my prayer with you.... Céline, is this not what we are always doing together?...

Dear Céline, I always have the same thing to say to you. Ah! Let us pray for priests; each day shows how few the friends of Jesus are It seems to me this is what He must feel the most, ingratitude, especially when seeing souls who are consecrated to Him giving to others a heart that belongs to Him in so absolute a way.... Céline, let us make of our heart a little garden of delights where Jesus may come to rest.. .let us plant only lilies in our garden, yes, lilies, and let us allow no other flowers, for other flowers can be cultivated by other souls, but it is virgins alone who can give lilies to Jesus.... "Virginity is a profound silence from all cares of this earth," not only from useless cares but from all cares.... To be virgin we must think only of the Spouse, who allows nothing around Him that is not virgin "since He willed to be born of a virgin mother, to have a virgin precursor, a virgin foster-father, a virgin favorite, and finally a virgin tomb." He wants also a little virgin spouse, His Céline?... It is said: "Each one naturally loves his native land, and since the native land of Jesus is the Virgin of virgins and since Jesus was born by His will of a Lily, He loves to find Himself in virgin hearts." And I seem to be forgetting your trip… no, my heart is following you there. I understand all you are experiencing... I understand all... All passes away. The trip to Rome with its heartrendings is past. . .our life of years gone by is past... Death will pass also, and then we shall enjoy life not for centuries, but millions of years will pass for us like a day, and other millions of years will follow them filled with repose and happiness... Céline....

Pray to the Sacred Heart; you know that I myself do not see the Sacred Heart as everybody else. 1 think that the Heart of my Spouse is mine alone, just as mine is His alone, and I speak to Him then in the solitude of this delightful heart to heart, while waiting to con­template Him one day face to face...

Do not forget your Thérèse over there; whisper only her name, and Jesus will understand. So many graces are attached there, especially for a heart that is suffering. ... I would really like to write to Léonie, but this is impossible. I do not even have time to read this over. Tell her how much I think of her, etc., etc. I am sure the Sacred Heart will give her many graces, etc., etc. Tell her all, you understand....

Your Thérèse of the Child Jesus of the Holy Face rel. carm. ind.



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