LT 81 - To Céline - January 23-25(?), 1889

LT 81 From Thérèse to Céline.


January 23-25(?), 1889



Jesus and His Cross!. . .


Dear Sister,

Yes, darling of my heart, Jesus is there with His Cross! Privi­leged one of His love, He wills to make you like Him! Why be frightened at not being able to carry this Cross without weak­ening? Jesus on the road to Calvary fell three times, and, you, poor little child, you would not be like your Spouse, you would not be willing to fall a hundred times if necessary to prove your love for Him, rising with greater strength than before your

Céline. . .Jesus must love you with a special love to be trying you in this way. Do you know that I am almost jealous of you? To those who love more He gives more, and to those who love less He gives less!. . .

But you don't feel your love for your spouse. You would like your heart to be a flame that rises up to Him without the lightest smoke. Don't forget that the smoke that surrounds you is only for yourself in order to remove from you the sight of your love for Je­sus, while the flame is only for Him. At least, then He has this love entirely, for if He were to show it to us just a little bit, swiftly self- love would come like a fatal wind which extinguishes every­thing! . . .

You give me the impression, at this moment, of a person who is surrounded with immense riches. . . the sight of them is lost over the horizon .... This person wants to turn her back because, she says, too many riches embarrass her, she does not know what to do with them; it is better to lose them, or that another take them!. . . That other will not come, for these riches are prepared for the fiancée of Jesus. . . and for her alone!. . . God would turn the world upside down to find suffering in order to give it to a soul upon whom His DIVINE glance has rested with an indescribable love! . . .

The things of this earth. . . what do they mean to us? ... Should this be our homeland, this slime, so unworthy of an im­mortal soul. . . and what does it matter to us that cowardly men harvest the mustiness that grows on this slime? The more our heart is in heaven the less we feel these pinpricks . . . . But believe that this is a grace and a great grace to feel these pinpricks, for, then, our life is a martyrdom, and one day Jesus will give us the palm. To suffer and to be despised! . . . what bit­terness but what glory. That is the Lily Immortelle's motto!. . . No other could suit her. My heart is following you in the noble task that Jesus has entrusted to you. You are not a soldier but a General. . . . Suffer both again and always. . . . But all passes.


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