From Mme Guérin to sr Geneviève - June 18, 1897. Fragments

From Mme Guérin to sr Geneviève - June 18, 1897. Fragments

La Musse – 18th June 97 Sunday 5 o’clock

Dear little Céline

Today I’ve come to talk a little to you. Pauline will forgive me for not replying to the lovely letter we received from her and which touched us deeply. You will tell her this, won’t you, Céline; she related such beautiful things to us, and you’ll give her a kiss for her trouble. I think our dear little patient is still in the same condition. I catch myself hoping that God will leave her with us for a bit longer. This is not our Thérèse’s desire, I know, but it nevertheless becomes so if it’s the will of God! Yes, I think she will edify us some more. Poor darling! I sometimes think of writing to her. I say to myself: Perhaps she would be pleased if someone wrote to her from La Musse, and she wouldn’t say so, she’s too perfect! Then I think again and decide that if I were to speak to this little Angel, I would need to employ angelic language. I sense that she’s above earthly things, and I keep silent… But tell her, Céline, that my silence is more eloquent than the most beautiful things I could write. It’s a silence of admiration and love for God, and for the poor dear little creature whom he has raised to such heights of perfection. Tell her that my greatest desire would be for my dear daughters to resemble her! The child is so perfect that when I think of her my eyes well up with tears! – And that’s saying something!!

I should have begun, little Céline, by asking you to thank the dear Mother Prioress for her kind letter, which was so full of sadness. We are sorry about the constraint that has been placed on her. In any case, my husband must have written a little note to the dear Mother this morning before the post left. Would you assure her again of my sincerest affection. – I’m taking great care to (…)

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