From Fr. Pichon to sr Marie of the Sacred Heart - April 16, 1888.

From Fr. Pichon to Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart. 16th April 1888.

+ Poitiers, 16th Ap.

My Child, wholly mine in Christ Jesus,

At last! At last! Our Lord has allowed me to take flight towards the beloved Carmel where joyfully I shall again encounter (without ever leaving it) the fortunate lion that’s tamed by divine love. The wait is no less painful for me than for you. Jesus is killing two birds with one stone; my poor pen, which has been paralysed for months, is a double holocaust for him. Six letters! It’s less than in the days of Canada! But they are [1 v°] much more precious today because they come to me from the Carmel. Your holy and beloved vocation brings me as much happiness as my own. If you knew the extent to which it does so, you would be only too happy.

In view of your lamentations, your sacrifices, the exile far from your Mother (Mother Marie de Gonzague was ill), all things becoming meritorious because all things come at a price, one’s heart claiming the rights that others contest, and wailing over its helplessness, the prospect of Canada (he would go back the following October), memories of Le Havre and Calais, all our experiences of Gethsemane and all our Calvaries, how good it is when Jesus is there, reaping a bit of glory and a [2 r°] bit of joy in proportion with our suffering.

I found a sentence from St. Fr. de Sales that I’m sending you as a little programme that has been outlined especially for you: “I will do with all my heart that which with all my heart I don’t want to do.” Oh! What an excellent motto!

Dear 17th April (recalling their first meeting in 1882)! I am going to celebrate with you and Jesus… and I’ll put my whole heart into it. Six years of divine treats for the child and for her father. If the veil had then been torn, what a joyful prospect it would have been for our hearts!

There are more heartbreaks in the Carmel, [2 v°] since one deprives oneself of everything! I like this wisdom in my Child. Aren’t my Amens echoing in your ears?

Thank you, thank you for telling me that my pen’s silence doesn’t prevent you from hearing me.

Keep all the rights that you have acquired and accumulated over the last 6 years. I personally will never abdicate a right that is dearest of all to me, the right to give you to God. Thanks to you, do I not belong twofold to Jesus? Yet it is a thousand times that we want to belong to Him, glorify and love Him

Therefore when will our long-awaited encounter be? I will then explain baptismal innocence to you.

Pay attention to the small nothings and [2 v° tv] small points! Jesus alone! Jesus alone!

[2 r° tv] My Child, my most tender blessings in 1888 are yours, even more so than in 1882



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