From Marie Martin to Mme Guérin - August 15-24, 1886.

From Marie to Mrs. Guérin. 15th–24th August (?) 1886.

Darling Aunt

How can I explain in writing what I have to tell you and how can I tell you if not in writing? It seems as though my words and my pen are going to refuse me this task and yet my heart needs to speak! I’m mistaken. It is not I who must speak, but God, and God alone.

It is for Him to tell you of his mercies and not I. Who would believe me?... Well! And yet God’s mercy is this: He’s calling me to Him; me, who is more unworthy of this grace than others! Darling Aunt, many [v°] times have I found God’s mercy too bitter, but I must nevertheless respond however hard it may be. Life is a journey to eternity! Whether it be cheerful or sad, what does it matter if it’s God’s will. The will of God is first and foremost! O my beloved relatives, this is clear to me! And if my poor life has been such that you cannot believe this, I ask for your forgiveness.

My heart, which is filled with gratitude and affection for you, will forever harbour the most filial love for you.

Your eldest daughter



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