From sr Agnès of Jésus to her father - August 24, 1886.

From Pauline (Agnès of Jesus) to her father Mr. Martin

24th August 1886.

J. M. J. T.


Darling Father,

It is Our Mother who sends you this bouquet and it is also she who gives you this little picture (unidentified). If only you knew how happy she was to give me permission to paint it… I believe you will be pleased with it and [l v°] with me… Dear Father, may your Patron Saint, the great St. Louis, offer you wishes himself by praying for you up above! You need his prayers, we all do, especially at the moment! Your little pearl is thinking of you before God, but what can a poor little pearl still hidden in her shell amid the waves of this life obtain! Only her poverty, her wretchedness alone can touch [2 r°] God’s Heart. I really want to become a saint oh really I do! I would like my pretty poem that you recite so well to be sung for me:

My crown is missing a shining pearl

The Lord said to us, and we all make haste

With our white wings to carry you from the world (by A. van Hasselt: Le chant des Anges (“The Angels’ Song”).


But I’m not ready; I have so much to do before then!

Darling Father, do you know you can be proud? Not of me [2v°] or anyone in particular, but because of God’s choice and His marked predilection for us five. If I wrote down your story I would do the same as Our Holy Mother Teresa, who didn’t want hers to be given the name Life. “It’s not the book of my life” she said, “but the book of the Lord’s mercies and greatness” (Teresa of Avila, in her letter to Don Pedro de Castro, 11/11/1581).

Well, our own story, much-loved Father, is indeed the book of the Lord’s mercies! I love to think that! It’s such a sweet motive of gratitude and love! I will end with these two words, which summarize [2 v° tv] all my feelings for my Heavenly Father and my earthly Father.

Your eldest little pearl,

Sr. Agnès of Jesus

u. c. n.

I am the little Jacob who stole Esau’s birthright.


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