From Fr. Pichon to Marie Martin - August 1st, 1886.

From Fr. Pichon to Marie. 1st August 1886.

+ Ste Anne de Beaupré near Quebec,

Sunday, 1st August 86.

My very good child in Christ Jesus,

I owe you 18 replies in total and this doesn’t make me blush. Ask Our Lord where the guilt lies.

In addition to your dear pages that I received on 7th, 13th, 20th, 27th April, 4th, 11th, 18th and 24th May, 8th, 17th, 24th and 29th June, 8th, 13th, 21st and 29th July, I acknowledge receipt of two postal orders and a poor shipwrecked letter dating from 28th February, which, after [having] sunk on 11th or 12th March with the Steamer “The Oregon” and having remained almost 4 months at the bottom of the ocean, arrived along with a dozen other fellow sufferers on 10th July. I’m sliding a page of the poor damaged letter in with this one.

Here I am still in abeyance. Paris hasn’t replied to Montreal’s entreaty (the Jesuits in Montreal were probably asking Paris to let Fr. Pichon, who was due to return in 1886, stay with them for longer). God [l v°] is having me wait for his final answer. St. Joseph waited for 7 years in Egypt. But I am not St. Joseph. Help me to wait until 1887! And let’s attach ourselves to nobody but Jesus alone and that which pleases him!  

How grateful I am for this line that is worth a whole volume in itself: “One doesn’t even reproach Jesus for his father’s silence!” Alleluia!

As for this lack of response, I would like to force it but I must remain obedient. Jesus doesn’t want the fruit of one’s own will.

You have an excellent little programme: peace in Sacrifice here below, and recompense and rejoicing up above. Each day we become enchanted with up above and disenchanted with here below! Keep this wisdom, have no other.

Telling me that your letters are penances for me, ah! this time it’s too much! I believed you to be less blind. If only you were merely blind in one eye! But alas! Total blindness!

[2 r°] You have completely reassured me concerning the hows and whys. This Jesus, whom we love uniquely, is so good to you! Do you know the extent to which the little treats he grants you cordially bind me to Him! Be at peace: a shower of icy water on a sea of ice can no longer harm me. I am now comforted.

Here is another one of Jesus’ kindnesses! Your good father has guessed his first daughter’s vocation and is honoured and happy to give her to God! The father of my second soul is so good! Can you feel how subtly Jesus is clearing the way for you!

May the leniency of His Heart rub off on my other soul! Jesus will have to answer my prayer eventually

Your dear letters will be honoured: it is not off reading these dear pages that Jesus wants to wean me.

[2 v°] Here I am armed with the sword of Abraham ready to crucify my Isaac. Do you believe that the Isaac of old was the most loved? Oh no, he wasn’t!... Well! After having prayed a great deal I believe I am acting for Our Lord in giving you the signal for departure, and to leave Egypt. Go quickly with a lifted heart to hide in the bosom of the adored Spouse, who is waiting for you and is calling you. You are fortunate to have exceptionally sweet family affections to sacrifice for Him. I, your father, would not want your immolation to be less painful. It would be cruel to wish you to be less tightly bound to Jesus. All the bonds you are severing are going to be retied on the unique beloved’s side… Alas! I will undoubtedly not be there to give you the Holy Habit (He would be present on 19th March 1887, and it would very probably be on this occasion that he visited Les Buissonnets for the first time), a new and most heartfelt sacrifice. If it is at this price that Jesus is willing to possess you even further, I will sing Alleluia! There’s nobody who wants to give you to Him more than I do.

I bless you as Our Lord blessed St. John.


My incomparable joy in this world will be knowing that you belong entirely to Jesus.

O my Child, do you know what my heart feels for my second soul?

It is the Benjamin of my two souls, and she has, I believe, all the privileges.

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