From Marie Martin to Isidore Guérin - August 26, 1877.

From Marie to Mr. Guérin. 26th August 1877.

Yesterday I forgot to tell you, aunt, that Mama had swollen legs and Papa wants me to write to you straight away. But I would have written to you anyway, I’m so worried.

It’s been a week since the swelling began! I only became aware of it this morning, I didn’t notice it before. Her arm is very swollen as well and she hardly uses it any more.

On top of that, she has totally collapsed; today it’s even worse than yesterday, she can only speak using signs and, if we left her alone in her room, she would die there rather than calling for help.

She has just had another hemorrhage; our poor Mother is much changed and much thinner! Papa is so worried that he has just come to tell me to beg of you to come as soon as possible, so that you can at least see her fully conscious.


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