Gifts of the Holy Child Jesus


Gifts given to you by the Holy Child

These gifts were without doubt used on Christmas day
Tours: Impr. Mame, s.d.

First Gift
The eternal Father in giving to you the newborn Jesus gives to you all the treasures and riches of His divinity. He asks that you make in your soul a place emptied of all created things, so that your soul will be filled with Him alone. Happy void! That merits to be filled by God and all his eternal riches.

Second Gift
The eternal Father gives to you His only Son as a gift. He allowed Him to die for your love. He asks you to sacrifice your self-love, the cruel enemy that wishes you to satisfy yourself for self alone. For that, you should become His only, and like the Holy Spouse, you will say joyfully: “My well Beloved is all for me and I all for him. One for one! One united.”

Third Gift
The eternal Father gives to you His much beloved Son as a gift, in whom He delights. He asks that you will be the joy of his divine heart, and wishes to find His delight in you as well as in His well Beloved Son there to find only a most pure love. To love God, to be loved by God and nothing more.

Fourth Gift
The eternal Father gives to you the Angel of good counsel as a gift. It is His only Son, the eternal wisdom that sends him to disperse the fog and the errors of man. He wishes to clarify your spirit, disperse the fog and the errors of your senses and of your prideful reason. Submit then your understanding to the beautiful light of pure faith and to the cloud where it presents itself at birth. To seek to be wise without that light is to be insane.

Fifth Gift
The Holy child Jesus gives Himself to you as a gift. As the Word of God, He wishes to be your life, your thought, and your light. He will fill your soul with divine illustrations, if you will only give Him access and free entry, but most particularly to the intimacy of your soul where he will set up His throne and eternal home.

Sixth Gift
The Holy Child gives to you His spirit and holy manifestations, He wishes to unite with your soul in a most intimate union, the most simple and most strong that you have ever felt, but He wishes that you will give Him a spirit purified from the operation of the senses and disengaged from those small
attachments that you know and that impede the pure and holy spirit from operating its grandeurs and wonders in you.

7th Gift
The Holy Child Jesus gives to you the great abasement for which He came to you as a gift. He asks of you a soul and a spirit totally emptied of the world through a humble, poor and hidden life, so that you will render continuous homage to His hidden and annihilated life. For that, die to nature and all that is human and repeat often with St. Bernard: “The more you are diminished for my sake, the dearer you are to me, Oh God of love!”

8th Gift
The Holy Child Jesus gives to you the Most Holy Virgin, His Mother, as a gift, so that she will be your mother, your patroness and your advocate, and also as a complete and accomplished model of a holy life. Be faithful in constantly following her example of her saintly virtues, particularly imitate her purity and her humility that rendered her worthy of being the mother of God. If you accomplish like her the will of the celestial Father, the Holy Child Jesus promises you that you yourself will be and his sister and his mother.

9th Gift
The Holy Child Jesus gives to you his divinity hidden under the veils of childhood as a gift, so that you will adore in spirit and in truth. Among the Gentiles, many centuries before His birth, some erected an altar to the unknown God; you, most fortunate, know Him, if you hide in the God hidden in you. Decorate an altar inside your heart, and die to all so as to live in Him.

10th Gift
He who IS gives Himself to you as a gift. “I am who am”, said God to Moses from the burning bush. To possess Him, do away with the false self that subsists only in the error of your judgment, and empty your heart of love for perishable things. Then, the God that Scripture calls a consuming fire will destroy in you even the smallest natural impediments. He will elevate you above the senses and reason through the practice of faith alone and of pure love, and you will pass into a perfect union with Him.

11th Gift
The Holy Child Jesus will give you His loving look as a gift, to wound and inflame your heart, Oh! how sweet it is to be seen by and to look upon Jesus! To make of Him your only object of love! And to love and adore Him continuously! He asks that of us, and if you do so, He will address to you these words from the Canticles: You have wounded my heart, my sister, my spouse; you have wounded my heart with a glance from your eyes.” (Cant. 4: 9)

12th Gift
God gives Himself to you under the beautiful title of Emmanuel, that is to say that God wants to be with you. The Prophet Isaiah tells us that He will eat butter and honey. You will give Him that butter to eat if you will give Him your deeds fully and perfectly, and honey if you have about you a great gentleness and much patience to support your neighbor. It is up to you to teach those duties that He wishes to see in you.

13th Gift
The Holy Child Jesus is the great King, strong and admirable, as such does the Prophet Isaiah call Him. He comes to you to communicate his divine strength, so as to aid you to vanquish and surmount your enemies. He wishes you to imitate the woman spoken of in Scripture who crushes the head of the serpent. Have confidence in that strength of Jesus and abandon yourself to this divine Child. Throw yourself upon Him, says St. Augustine and you will be left without fear, he will not withdraw and allow you to fall.

14th Gift
The Holy Child Jesus gives Himself to you as a gift, as a gentle prince of peace. That is what the prophet called Him. He carries His scepter on His shoulder. It is the Holy Cross. Through suffering, and the kindness with which He supports our miseries and faults, he asks that you suffer patiently the afflictions of body and soul that Providence allows, and that you be indulgent towards the faults and the trespasses of your neighbor.

15th Gift
The Holy Child Jesus gives Himself to you as a spotless lamb. By this symbol, that expresses the simplicity of his childhood, He asks that you give Him your soul and innocence, without disguise or the finesse of self-esteem, so that you will be worthy to continually enjoy the sweet presence of this loving Child who hides among the lilies of pure and innocent souls.

16th Gift
The Holy Child gives Himself to you as a brother and as a spouse. He wishes to give you this mark of tenderness and love so desired by the holy Spouse in the Canticles. Look for Him as a brother in solitude; you will find Him as a spouse within the total separation from creatures, and it is only then that you will receive from Him the chaste and divine kiss that will fill the soul with ineffable delights.

17th Gift
The Holy Child Jesus will give to you as a gift his divine and loving heart, filled with kindness for your eternal soul. He asks you for a heart filled with a sensitive love, all spiritual and eternal. He wishes that your heart will be, like the small bed of the Spouse in the Canticles, filled with the delightful perfumes of a pure love.

18th Gift
The Holy Child Jesus will give to you as a gift this mark of tenderness so desired by the Spouse of the Canticles, who said, all in a state of rapture, “That He may kiss my lips.” Oh, sweet kiss, that expresses the intimate union of soul with God! You will urgently feel this joy if you faithfully carry out your duties with zeal and accomplish perfectly the precept of love of God and neighbor,

19th Gift
The Holy Child Jesus will give to you as a gift St. Joseph, as father, guardian and director for your soul, and also as the accomplished model of a saintly and perfect life. He wants you to imitate him particularly in two specific virtues: fidelity and prayer, so that you will become a daughter of prayer and of silence, all absorbed and subsumed in the mystery of the nativity.

20th Gift
The Holy Child Jesus gives to you as a gift His swaddling clothes and bandages. He asks from you the practices of purity, humility and charity that are not just routine; a motherly heart for all your sisters, gentle in withstanding sorrows and filled with kindness in putting up with others’ faults.

21st Gift
The Holy Child Jesus gives to you as a gift the angels as models of perfect praise that He received from the blessed spirits at the hour of his nativity. He desires that you should be an angel of purity and love, to receive continual praise of your strength reunited at the summit of your spirit where God resides and takes sovereign pleasure to hear the concerts of a soul all delighted in Him, as the angels are in heaven.

22nd Gift
The Holy Child Jesus gives to you as a gift his star, that is to say a pure and simple faith that will lead you straight to God, if you will truly search for it in the intimacy of your soul. Because those who search for it through pure and stark faith will surely find it. Think of this well.

23rd Gift
The Holy Child Jesus gives to you as a gift the milk of His divine consolations, and He will well fill your soul if you are faithful in emptying the illicit pleasures of the senses and of nature. God cannot be appreciated and understood except by a soul that has lost the taste of things of the earth and who has developed a taste for the bitter.

24th Gift
The Holy Child Jesus gives to you as a gift His scepter and His crown. He wishes that you will became a great queen, but he asks that you overthrow your senses and your passions and particularly your heart where he wishes to reign absolutely. It is for that that he came, to be the king of hearts. Have a simple
and docile heart for such a gentle one. He is filled with kindness and love for his subjects, but particularly for a faithful spouse.

25th Gift
The Holy Child Jesus gives to you as a gift the three kings, so that they will guide you along the way of perfection like the masters experienced. Having found Jesus in the crèche, they will teach you how to go to God through the active life, that is of mortification, through the illuminated life, that is the consummation of charity, through which one adores God in spirit and in truth.

The Holy Child Jesus gives to you as a gift the stable that served him as a palace. He asks for your soul, entirely and without reservation; He will refill it with just Himself, and wishes to make it his own palace and perpetual residence; to celebrate there their divine weddings, there to hold a solemn banquet where you will be filled with his divine Spirit and gifts as proper for a faithful spouse.

The Holy Child Jesus gives to you as a gift the hay upon which He rests in the crèche, and through this present He wishes to instruct you. I hear a voice that says: “Proclaim—What do I proclaim?” asks the Prophet Isaiah. Proclaim: All flesh is but hay, and all His glory is like the flowers of the field.” Despise your flesh, mortify it, that it becomes like withered grass, and Jesus will rest in you; He has not wanted to repose among the flowers but amidst the hay.

28th Gift
The Holy Child Jesus gives to you as a gift the straw that has served him as support and ornamentation in the crèche: it is the symbol of a suffering soul, broken by the scourge and the burden of bodily and spiritual mortifications. Such a soul carries Jesus poor and humble, suffering and broken in this life; but one day she will carry Him rich and glorified, happy and triumphant in heaven, where humiliation will be exalted.

29th Gift
The Holy Child Jesus gives to you as a gift the ox and donkey that served and knew Him in the crèche. Scripture says that the ox and donkey recognized their Lord. Jesus also wants you to recognize Him as your Lord; that you will render Him simple and gentle obedience, with a totally submissive spirit in His presence, as a child attending the will of his father, and who will comply without rejoinder.

30th Gift
The Holy Child Jesus gives to you as a gift the donkey that kept Him warm in the crèche with its breath, and that stayed so close to Him. With the smallest and most abject services, one can enjoy the presence of Jesus, to be very close to Him. The Prophet David told God: “I have been in front of you like a beast
of burden, and therefore I have stayed always with you.” Embrace with joy base and painful duties , and you will warm Jesus in the crèche of your heart, you will always be with Him.

31st Gift
The Holy Child Jesus gives to you as a gift His crèche. It is small and humble, having nothing to please the senses; it is nevertheless there that Jesus rests to show you that the Spirit of God is pleased with a humble heart purified of all sensual affections. It is also in such a heart that Jesus takes finds delights and where takes place his strengthening sleep and of the sacred repose of the Spouse who says, “I sleep, but my heart holds a vigil.” Oh, blessed are those souls that God so favors! To rejoice of such happiness, to be able to say with St, Francis of Assisi: “My God and my all!”

32nd Gift
The Holy Child Jesus gives to you as a gift His small cries and His tears. The prophet Isaiah said: “I will listen to what the Lord says within me.” Listen to the cries and tears of Jesus, listen to them, the cries and tears of Jesus inside yourself after Holy Communion: He asks for your anguish, your cries and your tears on behalf of so many sinners, cry along with Jesus; mix your tears with His, and you will obtain the graces of conversion. Tears, says St. Augustine, are the blood of a wounded heart, may this blood run with that of Jesus for the well-being of sinners.

33rd Gift
The Holy Child Jesus
The Holy Child Jesus gives to you as a gift the shepherds as models of perfect praise and of exact vigilance. Be assiduously attentive to your interior life in order to correspond to the inspirations that angels send you to search continuously for Jesus. He gives Himself over to be found by simple and innocent souls, as were the holy shepherds. Seek Jesus and His presence everywhere.

34th Gift
The Holy Child Jesus gives to you as a gift His humility that made Him descend upon earth to unite Himself with the humiliations and lowness of our nature. It was the sentiment of all the Fathers that it was the great humility of the Holy Virgin that was able to draw the Word in herself. Be so humble yourself, and Jesus will come to you. Oh! that You will be raised, my God, says St. Augustine, and therefore it is in the humble of heart that You dwell.

35th Gift
The Holy Child Jesus gives to you as gift his Cross. It is the greatest gift of His love, because it is the measure of His mercy. He come to the world for the Cross, and from when He was born, He made with it the greatest alliance that ever existed. That is why, if you wish to find Jesus, look for the Cross. It is inseparable from him. Give to Him a heart and crucified love.

36th Gift
The Holy Child Jesus gives to you as a gift His great obedience that He rendered to His eternal Father through His Incarnation. He humbled Himself to make Himself obedient even unto death on the Cross. Render Him simple and punctual obedience through the persons of your superiors. Always submissive to the orders of His Father, Jesus has accomplished perfectly even the smallest points that the prophets made about Him. That is why He said at the time of His death the words: “All is finished.” This is how you should accomplish the will of God.

37th Gift
The Holy Child Jesus gives to you as a gift the marble stone so mysterious, upon which He appeared before the eyes of the Holy Virgin at the moment of His birth. While His small body suffered the hardness and cold of this marble, His divine heart felt even more the hardness of unrepentant sinners. He asks for a tender conscience and a gentle heart filed with compassion for the sins of your neighbor.

38th Gift
The Holy Child Jesus gives to you as a gift the dolorous sword that pierced His Holy Mother forty days after His birth. He asks that you bear like Mary those sufferings inscribed within your heart and that you render perpetual homage to the heart of this mother of sorrows that was pierced by this sword, that is the spirit of your holy vocation.

39th Gift
The Holy Child Jesus gives to you as a gift the little drop of blood that he bled during His circumcision, as a symbol of the great effusion of blood that He would make from the Cross for the sake of your love. He asks that you render homage and special adoration to the precious blood that resides in the Holy Sacrament of the altar, and that you think often with the Apostle: “You have been purchased for a great price; glorify God and carry Him within you.”

40th Gift
The Holy Child Jesus gives to you as a gift the donkey that carried Him to Egypt and that distanced Him from Herod’s furor. Jesus is again exposed to perish for the good of hearts. Herod pursues Him still. He begs you to shield Him from His furor, and to give counsel to exposed soul and who are in danger of losing grace. In acting like this you will serve the Son and bring joy to the heart of the Mother.